Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spock: The Puppet!

Being a fan of the original Star Trek series, I felt that building a puppet of Spock would be, well...logical.  Besides, I felt that Leonard Nimoy would make a great subject to caricature.  However, I had no idea when I started building him that it would lead me to meeting the man (or vulcan) himself!  Angie and I went up to San Francisco last weekend for a Trek convention to nab a photo with Mr. Nimoy and the puppet.   I knew it would be a difficult mission, but I was determined! Here are some photos of the puppet in progress.

As you may imagine, there were a plethora of Trekkies there, and a bunch of them even wanted their photo taken with Spock puppet!  I was happy to oblige...

Finally, after a long drive to SF and a full day of Trekkie-ness,  here's the man and puppet together at last!

The puppet had him cracking up and he was so cool about the whole thing.  He seemed genuinely amused and impressed that I had built the puppet version of himself, and I couldnt have been more happy when he said, "Now, Ive really seen it all!"  Mission accomplished! (Thanks Angie!)